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The hotel is a 90,000 square foot facility catering to business class travellers. It includes lounge facilities, meeting rooms, fitness facilities, a bar and a restaurant. The parkade was completed for the Winnipeg Airports Authority in a closely intergrated design and delivery framework. The project sits adjacent to The Winnipeg International Airport. A full review process was required by the Winnipeg Airports Authority during planning, design, and construction phases of the project. Significant criteria had to be met in order to build at the Airport. This included special acoustical considerations, sight line criteria from the control tower, and links into the Airport infrastructure for mechanical and electrical support systems.

The design approach was based upon an appreciation of the surrounding airport environment, both in terms of high architectural quality and in terms of materials used on site. We created a building that would sit sympathetically within the airport context, and enhance the surroundings.

The final design consists of a poured in place concrete structure and precast concrete floors. This system assures both acoustical isolation between rooms, and durability. Exterior bearing walls are poured in place concrete with a limestone veneer. An aluminium panel system was chosen for non-bearing walls for its light weight modest cost and lifespan. Special glazing system area developed in close collaboration with the manufacturer, in order to guarantee acoustic isolation for the high level of noise at the airport.

Quality and durability of materials were critical considerations in our decision making process.

Work on the Phase I (2000) project proceeded on a fast-track basis. The project began construction within one month of the notification to proceed with final design. The entire project, from inception to completion of construction, was completed in 14 months - a process that under normal circumstances would take 20 months.

Cohlmeyer Architecture worked closely with the private clients, the Winnipeg Airports Authority and City of Winnipeg Departments throughout the development of this fast-track project. Our coordinating and problem solving role was a key part of the success of the project within a severely restricted time frame.