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An important goal of the project is to build upon traditional Cree construction and patterns of social interaction - and this priority has lead to development of an open social and teaching environment that reflects the traditional winter structures of the Cree (the Mitogan). The perimeter berms reflect the tradition of excavation and mounding - and they also create an ideal natural insulation layer - reducing convective and wind-induced heat loss. The high open structure mimics the form and construction of the tradtional Mitogan - and provides natural ventilation and cooling with minimal energy use. The buildings of the campus will all conform with LEED standards, and the project is targeting LEED Silver certification.

The project will be developed in a wilderness site on Lake Mistissini. The campus will consist of the two service centres, service buildings, the main training facility and waterfront facilities. Construction is scheduled for 2011.

The James Bay Cree of northern Quebec are developing a new campus for skill training and social services for Cree youth. This campus will be jointly developed with a Tourism Culture Camp which will provide interpretive services to visitors, teaching and service opportunities to the local Cree, and luxury camping facilities.