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Upper Fort Garry was the headquarters of Canada’s original commercial and governmental settlement in the West. It was the administrative and military hub of a vast network of trade and settlement throughout central and northern Canada, and it was the main link between the east and the west of 19th century Canada.

Over the past 120 years all of the Fort, with the exception of the main entry gate, has disappeared, and nearly half of the original grounds of the Fort are now covered by the streets of downtown Winnipeg.

The main goal of the project is to mark the site and the physical presence of the Fort with a commemorative park and an Interpretive Centre. Work on the site will begin in 2011 with construction of the park and a 100-metre-long steel wall and stone bastion. The building will be constructed in 2012. The building will be covered with a large green roof with indigenous prairie grasses - and this expanse of natural planting will symbolize the endless prairie which surrounded the Fort.

The south wall will be a large complex form - symbolizing the richness and diversity of the Metis who lived and traded outside the walls of the Fort. The 30,000 square foot building will be very efficient in use of energy; it will conform with LEED standards, and the project is targeting LEED Silver certification.