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The National Botanical Garden of Chile is located on a 1,000 Acre site in central Chile, adjacent to the city of Viña del Mar along the Pacific coast. The gardens have been operated at a small scale for the past 60 years, and have seen a reduction in management in research over the past twenty years. In 2003, an arm’s-length Foundation was created to operate the grounds and to develop projects which will be economically viable and sympathetic with the broader goals of the institution.

Cohlmeyer Architecture was engaged to guide the planning of the site. The project includes:

  • analysis of local ecological patterns;
  • coordination and integration with the city, which is rapidly growing around the park; physical planning for recreation and economic development, which is sympathetic with native ecological patterns;
  • clarification of planning regulations and legal standing of the Foundation;
  • business planning for the Foundation;
  • coordination with civic authorities.

The project is seen by both Canada and the Municipality of Viña del Mar as an important project for transference of Canadian capabilities. The major focus of this transfer is the planning process, which coordinates human-centred development with natural ecological patterns, and which assures least negative impact on existing natural systems.