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Uganda Martyrs University is an important academic institution in Uganda, and is becoming the “flagship” centre for liberal education in the country. The university has grown rapidly since 1993, and is facing continued growth over the next decade – with plans to have a student body of 6,000 – 10,000.

Cohlmeyer Architecture have completed two intensive fact-finding missions to the campus, working closely with Senior Administration and Deans of the Faculties, to clarify development direction and operational concerns. We have explored ways to guide development without imposing an unrealistic and short-lived Master Plan. The university is in the process of adopting a long-term framework for growth, which will clearly establish decision-making protocols for future development, and which will establish an outline approach to land use.

The university is growing alongside a new village, Nkozi, and our development planning is also addressing how to best integrate the development of both “Town and Gown” in order to assure that the village and university can provide mutual support and enrichment.