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Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited has been engaged by the City of Regina to design a new central-city plaza and to re-develop Victoriapark. The plaza will be developed a public place in which traffic can move normally, that will be closed to traffic for special festivals and events. The plaza development and occasional street closing trigger a need for major revisions to traffic and transit planning. Cohlmeyer Architecture Limited is coordinating traffic and transit planning, transit accommodations, and expanded pedestrian development throughout the city’s downtown.

The scope of this work includes:

  • expansion of social services within the park;
  • facilitating commercial development along Regina’s downtown streets;
  • developing a network of bicycle routes and expanded pedestrian spaces throughout downtown;
  • developing design and technical framework for street furnishings and transit shelters;
  • developing lighting for the park and plaza;
  • spearheading the development sequence with City of Regina administration.