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The Whitehorse Riverfront was, until the 1950s, the transportation hub of the city. The site has since been abandoned; however with Land Claims Settlements recently resolved, the site is again available for redevelopment.

Cohlmeyer Architecture and The Algis Corporation were engaged by Artspace North (ASN) in partnership with the Whitehorse Chamber of Commerce (WCC) to prepare a development plan for an Arts and Heritage Village on the banks of the Yukon River in downtown Whitehorse. The goal of the Development Plan was to define the character of the Arts and Heritage Village, establish a viable business framework, develop a physical model for development, and propose a plan of action.

We worked directly with the community, meeting with an extensive number of arts and heritage groups to identify their interests and support. The process involved public presentations of the Village concept and precedent-setting case studies. Steering Committee members represented a broad spectrum of community and business organizations as well as municipal and territorial governments.

The Development Plan and Action Plan set the general planning framework for subsequent development of the Waterftont and the Arts and Heritage Village. It will be home to a number of arts and heritage groups, and will provide not only opportunities for performance and display – but for teaching and interaction as well. These activities will draw local residents and visitors into the downtown core year-round.