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Twin condominiums occupy the south side of the 5th floor in the historic Travellers Building in Winnipeg’s Exchange District. The 1,800 sq ft & 1,100 sq ft condominiums were designed and constructed as a pair from their inception to completion. They share a conceptual approach and attitude to detailing, while exhibiting unique qualities and personalities responding to the residents’ priorities.

The projects attempt to carve contemporary dwellings into a heritage building by preserving and respecting the building’s historic fabric while contrasting it with the minimalist modern interiors. The panorama over the jumbled roof tops of the surrounding Exchange District and the light pouring in through the 9-foot high windows set the stage for the free flowing interiors. The play of light and shadow animates the condominiums’ open spaces, exposing the bones of the 100-year old structure.

Each loft condominium flows freely around the enclosed functions organized at their centres, leaving the exterior walls free of joining partitions. Zones within are separated for visual privacy by processional sequences from one scale to another. Mezzanines expand the floor space and allow for intimacy in the 14-foot high space. The spaces are rendered with the essential textures of their materials, while touches of decadence and luxury add a twinkle to the restrained interiors.