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This “rural loft” residence, inspired by its lot proportions of 1000’x100’, parallels the Trans Canada Trail at the edge a subdivision in Headingly, Manitoba.

The house is a play on simple shifts that reach across the prairie toward a treed grove in the East. The design was conceived around a central utility core, from which the living spaces peel and spin off. A wall wrap on the north protects the house from the bitter winds and visually shields living areas from its neighbours while allowing private views to the south. A drive-through carport is created by “pulling” the garage block away from the house. This area doubles as a covered entrance to the house and allows protected passage between the house and garage.

The superstructure of the house departs from typical residential construction with a simple post & beam steel frame coupled with glue-laminated beams supporting the roof. The main living space soars to 24 feet in height while the kitchen and utility areas are tucked underneath the second floor sleeping quarters. The second floor master suite cantilevers 12 feet from the body of the main house to the south, creating a covered deck area below.