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This residential project was sited on a property thought to be too narrow to accommodate construction. Restrictions on the site included a 24 foot lot width with 3 foot and 7 foot side yard setbacks. We were additionally limited by a restriction on windows for the entire north wall of the house, and minimal site for exterior yard development. Working within these constraints we were able to create this unique residence. Carefully detailed, with a sense of spatial richness, the house has become a Winnipeg landmark.

Our major accomplishment on the project was the provision of all the programmatic residential requirements, within a setting that was not only functional, but also spacious, and comfortable.

The resulting 14 foot wide house was built as a series of split level platforms. These are open to provide views across the interior, while keeping spatial definition for each of the living areas.

Despite the restriction on glazing, all rooms have views to the exterior, with the major living spaces enjoying views to multiple orientations. Glazing on the south facade was treated in a playful manner, with window sizes, shapes, and placement reflecting internal functions. The resulting facade is unique. A roof deck was integrated in the design as an outdoor living space; it is easily reached from the kitchen and dining areas and from the den above; it provides an exterior retreat; and it maintains privacy on the site.