steve cohlmeyer

Steve Cohlmeyer has been working in the profession since 1968, and has been president of Cohlmeyer Architecture since 1981.

Steve studied architecture at Harvard University. He is a Fellow of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada and former president of the Manitoba Association of Architects. He has taught at the University of Manitoba for 10 years and has been visiting lecturer at universities in the US, Uganda and Chile. He has been an invited speaker on architecture and planning issues at a number of national and provincial conventions (architects, landscape architects, city planners and engineers) and at international speaker series on architecture. (He was the Keynote Speaker at the International Sustainability Conference in Santiago, Chile.)

Steve has had a parallel career as a fine artist - he has had exhibitions in public and private art galleries, he has won national sculpture competitions, and he has completed public sculpture and mural commissions. He is fluent in Spanish and French (and in English), and works and lectures regularly in all three languages.