Urban design is the act of making public experience and private memories......

_thoughts on the practice of urban design

Urban design projects do not succeed or fail on how well they resolve technical requirements; technical resolution is simply a base-line requirement of professional service. And it is through other measures than the technical that we must evaluate the quality of urban design.

We build environments through which people pass. As they pass through these environments, they follow a path of discovery and event...and leave with a trail of memories. We think of this path ahead and trail of memories behind as a four-dimensional reality - as each individual's "perceptual cone" in space and time. It is our part in the making of an infinite number of these realities of experience and memory that is our gift to the world, and we concentrate on literally mapping paths of experience within the public place as our skeletal frame for urban design decision-making.

In a successful public environment the events and memories of the collective will be positive, and the public space which is invigorating, fun, rewarding and comfortable will in turn be rewarded by the simple metric of people coming back - probably the truest measure of successful urban design.